YAMAHA WR 125 X (2009 – 2017) Review

YAMAHA WR125X (2009 - 2017) Review

The Yamaha WR 125 X, spanning the years from 2009 to 2017, is an exemplary testament to Yamaha’s engineering prowess in the 125cc category. This model, renowned for its supermoto brilliance, has garnered a loyal following of riders seeking an exceptional blend of performance, handling, and reliability.

Key Features that Define Excellence

  • Class-Leading Learner Supermoto: The WR 125 X stands at the forefront of learner-friendly supermotos, offering a dynamic yet manageable riding experience for novice and experienced riders alike.
  • Exceptional Handling and Engaging Engine: With a design meticulously crafted to deliver precision and agility, coupled with an engine that promises a thrilling ride, the WR 125 X offers an unrivaled combination of handling and power.
  • Abundance of Standard Kit: Yamaha has gone the extra mile in equipping the WR 125 X with an array of features that come standard, ensuring that riders experience a comprehensive and satisfying ownership.
YAMAHA WR 125 X (2009 - 2017) Review
YAMAHA WR125X (2009 – 2017) Review

Vital Statistics: Delving into the Details

To truly appreciate the Yamaha WR 125 X, it’s essential to dissect the vital statistics that shape its performance and character:

  • Owners’ Reliability Rating: An impressive 4.6 out of 5, attesting to the trustworthiness and dependability of this supermoto.
  • Annual Servicing Cost: A mere £40, underlining the cost-effectiveness of owning and maintaining a WR 125 X.
  • Power Output: A respectable 15 bhp, providing ample power for spirited rides.
  • Seat Height: Towering at 36.2 inches (920 mm), the WR 125 X caters to taller riders, ensuring a commanding riding position.
  • Weight: Agile and nimble, the WR 125 X tips the scales at a modest 302 lbs (137 kg).
YAMAHA WR 125 X (2009 – 2017) Review


Unraveling the Pricing Spectrum

Understanding the financial aspect of owning a Yamaha WR 125 X is crucial for potential buyers. Here’s a breakdown:

  • New: Not Applicable (N/A)
  • Used: The WR 125 X commands a price range of £3,900 to £4,400 for pre-owned models.

The Yamaha WR 125 X Experience: A Closer Look

The Tall Wonder: Accommodating Taller Riders

For riders of greater stature, the Yamaha WR 125 X offers a tailored experience. Its off-road-inspired design provides ample roominess. While the imposing seat height of 920mm might seem intimidating on paper, the WR 125 X’s soft suspension and slender profile work in tandem to dispel concerns. This thoughtful design ensures that even shorter riders find reaching the ground to be a non-issue.

A Legacy of Reliability: 2009 – 2017

Stepping into the shoes of its predecessor, the XT125X, the WR 125 X was introduced in 2009 and continued to hold its ground until 2017. Housing a robust four-stroke engine, this marvel of engineering displays a commendable resilience to the demands often placed upon smaller capacity bikes. With consistent attention to key maintenance areas, the WR 125 X stands as a paragon of reliability, frugality, and a promise to ignite every morning.

Craftsmanship on a Budget

While the WR 125 X may not boast cutting-edge technology, Yamaha has masterfully engineered a bike that stays true to its budget-friendly roots. From its single overhead cam motor to its durable steel frame and trusty telescopic forks, the WR 125 X strikes a harmonious balance between quality and affordability. Yamaha’s commitment to impeccable build quality shines through, setting it apart in its class.

Farewell in 2017

Regrettably, the WR 125 X bid adieu to the market in 2017, leaving behind a legacy of satisfied riders and a testament to Yamaha’s dedication to crafting exceptional machines.

Ride Quality & Brakes: The Thrill of the Journey

YAMAHA WR125X (2009 - 2017) Review
YAMAHA WR 125 X (2009 – 2017) Review

The Yamaha WR 125 X proves itself as a sportier variant in the WR model lineup, offering a stellar performance in the 125cc category. The 17-inch wheels provide a robust foundation for dynamic riding, and while the front forks lack adjustability, fine-tuning the shock’s preload ensures optimal support. With a seat height of 920mm, and even taller at 930mm for the R model, concerns about footing are assuaged by the bike’s slender waist.

In urban or rural settings, the WR 125 X delivers an exhilarating ride characterized by its agility and ease of maneuverability. While some owners find the single two-piston caliper slightly lacking at the front (ABS not an option), upgrading to higher-friction pads can significantly enhance braking performance. Notably, the WR 125 X may struggle with two adult riders due to its 125cc capacity.

Engine: Power in Simplicity

The heart of the WR 125 X lies in its elegantly simple design. The liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine may be basic, but it performs admirably. Despite restrictions in performance, the WR 125 X boasts a claimed 15bhp and 8.9ft.lb of torque, allowing for an indicated top speed of 65mph. More impressively, it maintains an exceptional fuel efficiency of approximately 90mpg.

YAMAHA WR125X (2009 - 2017) Review
YAMAHA WR 125 X (2009 – 2017) Review

Maintenance Matters

With a single overhead cam, maintenance is straightforward. However, given the tendency of 125cc owners to overlook even basic maintenance, caution is advised. The WR 125 X’s engine accommodates a modest 1.15-liters of oil. While a standard service is cost-effective and easily performed at home, vigilance is essential. Regularly monitoring oil levels is paramount to prevent potential damage.

Valve Clearances: A Critical Aspect

Owners should prioritize correct valve clearances, as they directly impact fuel economy. Professional maintenance for this task, costing around £100, is a prudent investment. It’s crucial to note that the WR 125 X lacks a tachometer.

Reliability & Build Quality: A Stalwart Companion

The WR 125 X has earned a reputation for weathering the trials of daily use. Much hinges on the mechanical empathy of previous owners, but the bike, in general, exhibits a commendable robustness. While exhaust corrosion is a common concern among budget 125s, replacement systems are readily available. The frame and wiring display admirable durability.

Vigilance Against Crash Damage

Prospective buyers should conduct a thorough inspection for signs of crash damage, which can manifest in various forms. Unlike the R model, the X variant is less likely to have ventured off-road. Nonetheless, it’s prudent to scrutinize wheel rims for dents and spokes for signs of rust.

Brake Calipers: A Potential Concern

The two-piston sliding calipers may experience seizing on their sliders, though a rebuild kit offers a straightforward remedy. Stainless steel brake pistons can be added to reduce the risk of seizing. As with any 125cc bike, safeguarding against theft-related damage is paramount. A meticulous check of frame numbers and the functionality of the steering lock is advised.

Owners’ Verdict: Adoration in Abundance

The Yamaha WR 125 X enjoys widespread adoration from its owners, with a majority awarding it the highest possible rating. The primary point of contention tends to be the tall seat height, an aspect that taller riders embrace as a boon rather than a burden.

Value & Competitors: A Comparative Outlook

For prospective owners, understanding the economic implications is pivotal. The WR 125 X proves to be a prudent choice, with outstanding fuel efficiency and reasonable servicing costs. Prices range from approximately £1300 for older models to £4000 for newer iterations, a testament to its popularity and retained value.

Competing Titans: A Brief Comparison

The WR 125 X faces competition from the Moto Hispania Duna, Suzuki DR125SM, Aprilia SX125, and SWM SM125R. Each offers its unique blend of features and characteristics, presenting riders with a diverse range of options in the 125cc segment.


Equipped for the Journey: Features and Specifications

YAMAHA WR 125 X (2009 – 2017) Review

While the WR 125 X may not boast an extensive array of high-end features, it excels in crucial areas:

  • Engine Size: 124cc
  • Engine Type: 4v four-stroke single, 6 gears
  • Frame Type: Tubular steel double cradle
  • Fuel Capacity: 8.5 litres
  • Seat Height: 920mm
  • Bike Weight: 137kg
  • Front Suspension: 41mm inverted forks, no adjust
  • Rear Suspension: Single shock, preload and rebound damping adjust
  • Front Brake: 298mm disc, four-piston caliper
  • Rear Brake: 220mm disc, single piston caliper
  • Front Tyre Size: 110/70 x 17
  • Rear Tyre Size: 140/70 x 17
  • Average Fuel Consumption: 45 mpg
  • Annual Road Tax: £24
  • Annual Service Cost: £40
  • Top Speed: 75 mph
  • Max Power: 15 bhp
  • Max Torque: 8.9 ft-lb
  • Tank Range: 100 miles

Model History & Versions: Tracing the Evolution

Model History:

  • Yamaha WR 125 X (2009 – 2017): A new model, succeeding the XT125X.
  • Yamaha WR 125 R (2009-2017): Geared towards off-road enthusiasts, sharing the same chassis and engine with an 18-inch rear and 21-inch front wheel configuration for an authentic off-road aesthetic.

Other Versions:

  • WR 125 R: A trail version featuring distinct wheels and brakes.

Conclusion: Yamaha WR 125 X – An Icon of Supermoto Ingenuity

In the realm of 125cc motorcycles, the Yamaha WR 125 X reigns supreme, embodying an exceptional fusion of performance, dependability, and style. Its enduring popularity among riders is a testament to its enduring appeal. For those seeking a supermoto experience that transcends expectations, the Yamaha WR 125 X stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of motorcycles.

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