The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers you need in all weathers of 2023

The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers

The right gear can make all the difference, and a reliable neck warmer is a crucial companion offering both comfort and protection. In this guide, we’ll explore the The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers of 2023, designed for optimal comfort and weather resistance. From innovative materials to ergonomic designs, these neck warmers are engineered to keep you focused on the road, whatever the conditions.

Join us as we uncover the must-have neck warmers that promise to elevate your riding experience. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to motorcycles, these accessories are sure to become a staple in your gear collection. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the best neck warmers that will keep you riding in style, rain or shine.

1. Buff Polar Fleece Neck Tube

Price: £23.99

Buff, a brand synonymous with neck tubes, offers a wide range of styles and designs. Originating in Spain 25 years ago, Buff’s products now feature both cooling and thermal properties. The Polar neck tube boasts a thick, fleecy band for warmth, complemented by a lightweight, stretchy upper for added comfort. This versatile design allows the Buff to be worn as an extra layer of insulation inside the helmet or around the neck.

The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers
Buff Polar Fleece Neck Tube – The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers


2. Forcefield Tornado Advance 2

Price: £22.99

Tested rigorously by Emma Franklin for 6 months and 5,000 miles, the Forcefield Tornado Advance 2 neck warmer earned a perfect rating of 5/5 for both quality and value. Crafted with innovative Defender fabric, it provides exceptional windproofing, even at high speeds. This garment not only repels wind but also boasts a remarkable water resistance rating of 8000m, making it nearly waterproof. Rain simply beads off, ensuring your neck stays dry and warm. The Forcefield Tornado’s unique design offers additional warmth and protection across the shoulders and chest area, providing reassurance against leaky zips. The neck tube extends high, covering the nose and mouth, with ventilation holes for comfortable breathing. This secure fit around the helmet enhances both warmth and minimizes wind noise. The fleecy Thermolite lining remains comfortable against the skin, resisting condensation from breath. Note, however, that the elasticated top seam may leave a temporary mark on the skin.

The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers
Forcefield Tornado Advance 2 – The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers

In summary, the Forcefield Tornado Advance 2 is an essential piece of technical gear for long-distance riders. Additionally, it complements Forcefield’s range of windproof garments, allowing you to achieve full-body protection in winter.

3. Alpinestars Tech

Price: £18.50

Alpinestars, a reputable name in motorcycle apparel, offers a double-layered neck warmer with a fleece inner lining for maximum comfort. Air holes positioned ahead of the mouth ensure easy breathing and heat dissipation. The elasticated nose keeps it securely in place when donning your helmet. The material allows for free head movement, and its length allows for tucking deep into your jacket to prevent drafts.

The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers
Alpinestars Tech – The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers

4. GearTop Balaclava

Price: £25.42

While some riders find full balaclavas restrictive, others appreciate the all-encompassing coverage they provide. This GearTop balaclava, constructed with synthetic material and Lycra, offers a snug, anti-irritation fit. It excels in wind resistance, ensuring no cold air seeps in to chill the neck or head. Additionally, it aids in moisture-wicking, keeping you comfortable during your ride.

The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers
GearTop Balaclava – The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers

5. Rukka RWS Neck Warmer

Price: £51.00

Renowned for extreme clothing, Rukka presents a neck warmer designed to sit high on the face and deep into the jacket, effectively sealing out the cold. Crafted with a Gore-tex Windstopper outer shell, it’s entirely windproof while allowing the body to breathe. Velcro tabs at the rear ensure a snug fit at all times.

The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers
Rukka RWS Neck Warmer – The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers

6. Forcefield Tech 3 Neck Tube

Price: £19.99

Matching the excellence of the company’s base layers, the Forcefield Tech 3 neck tube is engineered to regulate body temperature, providing cooling in hot conditions and warmth in the cold. Crafted with BeCool and Dryarn fabric, it fits snugly around the face and neck, making it a valuable addition to your gear collection.

The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers
Forcefield Tech 3 Neck Tube – The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers

7. Oxford Comfy 3-Pack

Price: £14.99

Oxford, a specialist in kit and luggage, offers packs of three neck tubes, each featuring variations of a theme. This paisley pack, made of polyester microfiber, ensures comfort with its seam-free design. It can be worn in multiple ways, including as a neck tube, skull cap, or face mask.

The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers
Oxford Comfy 3-Pack – The Best Motorcycle Neck Warmers

8. EDZ Merino Wool Tube

Price: £16.99

For those who can wear wool, EDZ’s Merino wool neck tube is an excellent choice for a winter base layer. It provides warmth while effectively wicking away perspiration, protecting the skin from the cold and preventing drafts. For added warmth, consider using a balaclava underneath your helmet.

EDZ Merino Wool Tube
EDZ Merino Wool Tube


9. Zerofit Heatrub Neck Warmer

Price: £25.00

Tested by Joseph Wright for four months and 1,500 miles, the Zerofit Heatrub neck warmer utilizes the same technology as their award-winning thermal base layer to seal the gap between collar and chin. While it offers exceptional insulation, some may find it restrictive, especially when needing full neck mobility for visibility. It excels in providing warmth for long, chilly rides, but may not be suitable for all riders.

Zerofit Heatrub Neck Warmer
Zerofit Heatrub Neck Warmer

10. Geila 3-Pack Skull Facemasks

Geila 3-Pack Skull Facemasks
Geila 3-Pack Skull Facemasks

Price: £6.99

These versatile polyester face tubes feature printed skull lower jaws for a distinctive look. Ideal for riders seeking a bold style, these facemasks can be worn in various ways to set you apart from the crowd.

By choosing the right neck warmer, you can enhance your riding experience in all weather conditions. Consider your preferences for fit, material, and additional features to find the perfect match for your needs. Stay warm and ride safely!


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