Sur Ron Storm Bee Review 2023

Sur Ron Storm Bee Review

The Sur Ron Storm Bee has finally arrived at the garage, and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve been eagerly anticipating this eMoto for the past two years, especially considering it had already made its mark in other countries. However, for reasons unknown to us, had to wait a bit longer for Sur Ron’s full-size electric dirt bike to reach US soil.

Sur Ron Storm Bee Review

Sur Ron Storm Bee Review
Sur Ron Storm Bee Review

Our enthusiasm got the better of us during the first ride with the Sur Ron Storm Bee, resulting in a broken brake lever and a pinch flat in the rear tube. In my defense, I ventured a bit too fast into a technical rock section without properly configuring the suspension. The consequence was a toppled bike, with the brake lever being the first point of contact. It ended up two inches shorter but not due to any design flaw, simply the price of excitement.

This article is just a glimpse into the Sur Ron Storm Bee. A more detailed review will follow. In the meantime, we’ll share some initial impressions and open the floor to your questions in the YouTube video linked above.


It’s essential to note that this is a pre-production model, so some specifications may change with the production model. The bike we tested is the Enduro Storm Bee model, but Sur Ron will also offer two other models: a motocross version and a street version.

Sur Ron Storm Bee Review
Sur Ron Storm Bee Review

The Sur Ron Storm Bee’s controls are what you’d expect from a traditional dual-sport model. It features a kill switch, blinkers, horn, and high and low headlights. However, electric dirt bikes have their own unique traits, such as power modes. The Storm Bee has a convenient switch next to the throttle, allowing the rider to switch between Eco, Rain, and Sport modes. Even more intriguing are the buttons for reverse and turbo, yes, you heard that right – reverse and turbo. We’ll delve into these features in the full review.

The LCD display on the Sur Ron Storm Bee is clear and detailed, providing access to various customizable features. Here are the ride mode settings directly from the Sur Ron manual:

Ride Mode Settings

Sur Ron Storm Bee Review
Sur Ron Storm Bee Review
  • Level setting of BERS (Brake Energy Regenerative System) (B0 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5). Factory default is B2.
  • Level setting of slide energy regenerative feature (E0 E1 E2 E3 E4 E5). Factory default is E3.
  • Level setting of ASR (traction control) (A1 A2 A3). Factory default is A2.
  • Setting of e-brake feature (P0 P1). Factory default is P1.
  • Setting of tilt protection feature (C0 C1). Factory default is C1.
  • Reserved feature (F0 F1 F2). Factory default at F0.

For my first ride, I tested all the recommended stock settings, except for the tilt protection and e-brake features, which I disabled for off-road riding.

I kicked things off with a top-speed run on the bike, even though the loose dirt road in the Colorado mountains wasn’t the ideal setting. Nevertheless, I reached the impressive top speed of 70mph quite swiftly, especially when compared to the KTM Freeride E-XC, which struggles at 45mph.

To challenge the bike in a different way, I sent it up a slow, technical hill climb, and it performed admirably. The Storm Bee did experience some tire spin, likely due to the CST tires on the dry, southern Rocky Mountain terrain. Don’t worry; we’ll explore the traction control settings in the full review. However, it was during this hill climb that I was reminded of the Storm Bee’s weight, which stands at a substantial 290 pounds.

Following my first ride crash, I decided to stiffen the suspension by several clicks on the Fast Ace fork and shock. This adjustment improved the bike’s handling but left room for further enhancement. Off-road suspension settings require time to perfect, and I’m not surprised that more tinkering is needed.

As mentioned in the First Ride video, it’s essential to set clear expectations for this bike. Not all bikes are created equal, and that’s something I constantly remind myself when testing these new electric dirt bike categories. The Sur Ron Storm Bee, in its enduro version, feels more like a dual-sport bike. It can handle technical terrain and motocross riding, but it doesn’t truly thrive in those environments. In its stock form, the bike is most comfortable on milder terrain. I’d liken it to a Suzuki DRZ 400, not in terms of power character but in chassis and overall feel. It’s comfortable, soft, and excels on 2-track trails.

To sum it up, the Sur Ron Storm Bee enduro version is best suited for a variety of terrains but shines brightest on less aggressive trails. I’ll provide more insights after spending more time on the bike. If you have any questions about the Sur Ron Storm Bee, please feel free to leave a comment on the YouTube video, and I’ll do my best to address them before the full review.


Where to Find the Sur Ron Storm Bee for Sale

If you’re interested in pre-ordering the Sur Ron Storm Bee or exploring other electric dirt bikes for sale, be sure to visit the ECR Marketplace, where we’ve compiled a list of the best electric motorcycle shops in the United States.

Sur Ron Storm Specs

Sur Ron Storm Bee Review
Sur Ron Storm Bee Review
  • Dimensions: 83.5″ x 31.7″ x 49.8″
  • Ground clearance: 13.2″
  • Seat height: 37″
  • Dry/Curb weight: 209 lbs / 280 lbs
  • Front tire: 80 / 100-21 off-road tire
  • Rear tire: 100 / 90-18 off-road tire
  • Assistance functions: ASR+BERS
  • Wheelbase: 56.3″
  • Carrying capacity: 264 lbs
  • Front fork travel: 11.4″
  • Rear shock/wheel travel: 4.52″ / 11.42″
  • Power system: Mid-drive BLDC motor + FOC sine wave controller
  • Rated power: 10KW
  • Maximum power: 22.5KW
  • Maximum torque: 520N.m
  • Top speed: 68 mph
  • Range: 62 miles (@31 mph)
  • Battery type: 90V / 48Ah lithium-ion removable battery pack
  • Charge time: 4h
  • Frame design: Aluminum forged frame
  • Riding mode: Eco / Rain / Sport mode + “turbo” mode


In conclusion, our journey with the Sur Ron Storm Bee has been nothing short of exhilarating. This electric dirt bike has certainly made its mark, showcasing impressive speed and versatility. While it may not be designed to conquer motocross tracks or extreme terrains, it shines as a capable and comfortable dual-sport option, excelling on milder trails and 2-track adventures.

The Storm Bee’s unique features, including its power modes, reverse, and turbo settings, add a layer of excitement and adaptability that sets it apart in the electric bike market. Its clear LCD display and customizable ride mode settings offer riders the flexibility they need to tailor their experience.


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