Review Maeving RM1: Breakthrough of the Future

Review Maeving RM1

Review Maeving RM1: Breakthrough of the Future

If you’re in the market for a stylish electric urban commuter bike, look no further than the Maeving RM1. This bike offers a unique and captivating design that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Not only is it easy to ride and maneuver, but it also possesses an undeniable charm. However, while the RM1 has many commendable qualities, it could benefit from some additional power. believe that a little extra kick would not only attract new riders to the world of electric bikes but also help them keep up with the flow of traffic. One minor inconvenience is the process of removing the batteries for charging, but on the bright side, it immobilizes the bike during charging.


In the realm of electric motorcycles, traditional manufacturers are only just beginning to embrace the electric revolution. This slow response has opened the door for emerging companies to make their mark. Maeving is one such company, a British bike manufacturer that specializes in the production of the RM1, a retro-styled electric model designed specifically for urban riding.

Review Maeving RM1
Review Maeving RM1

The Maeving MR1

The Maeving RM1 is truly a sight to behold. Its compact size, wire wheels, bar end-mounted mirrors, brushed steel components, tan saddle, and tasteful color schemes make it a stylish choice for riders who crave attention. During our time with the Maeving RM1, we encountered numerous individuals, both motorcyclists and non-motorcyclists, who were captivated by its design and eager to learn more.

Appearance and External structure

Review Maeving RM1 by A2Motorcycle

Despite its motorcycle-like appearance, the RM1 shares more similarities with a twist-and-go scooter than a traditional petrol-powered cafe racer. The power is derived from an electric motor sourced from Bosch, which is mounted in the rear-wheel hub. Unlike conventional motorcycles, there are no gears to shift—simply twist the right-hand grip to experience direct drive. The braking system is controlled via levers on the handlebars, with the right lever engaging the front brake disc and the left lever providing combined braking with a 40-60 split front to rear. It’s worth noting that the RM1 does not come equipped with ABS.

In the space where an engine would typically reside, the RM1 features brushed steel sections that accommodate the bike’s electronics and drive battery. The standard configuration includes a single battery positioned upright in a compartment at the front of the frame. However, for an additional £995, you can opt for a second battery that fits into the dummy fuel tank above. Choosing a single battery allows the compartment to be used for storage, complete with a convenient USB socket for charging devices.

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Battery and Performance

Review Maeving RM1: Breakthrough of the Future
Review Maeving RM1: Breakthrough of the Future

With both batteries installed, the RM1 offers a range of approximately 85 miles on a full charge, which is halved when using a single battery. Each individual battery weighs around 12kg and requires removal for recharging. The batteries can be conveniently charged using any standard mains plug. It’s important to note that the bike will not start if only the fuel tank battery is fitted, thus ensuring the immobilization of the bike during charging.

Removing the batteries is a straightforward process. After turning off the ignition, a five-second countdown allows you to electronically unlock both battery compartments with the press of a button—a short press for the upper compartment and a longer press for the lower one. If either compartment is unlocked or the bike is on the side stand, the drive cannot be engaged.

Recharging the batteries from a completely depleted state takes approximately four hours. The bike’s electronics effectively manage energy usage between the two batteries when both are fitted. They operate in parallel, but if one battery has a higher charge than the other, energy is drawn from the higher-charged battery until both batteries are within two percent of each other in terms of capacity.

Driving Experience

Review Maeving RM1: Breakthrough of the Future
Review Maeving RM1: Breakthrough of the Future

Now, let’s discuss the riding experience of the Maeving RM1. It offers an effortless and enjoyable journey, beginning with its low seat height of 785mm. Even riders with shorter inside legs will find it easy to mount the bike, and the absence of a pillion seat further enhances accessibility. Once comfortably seated on the wide saddle, simply turn on the ignition, press the D button to disengage neutral, and you’re ready to hit the road.

However, don’t expect lightning-fast acceleration from the RM1. With a power output of just 4bhp and 160Nm of torque, it lacks the instant surge off the line that you might experience with an electric car. Instead, the RM1 gradually builds speed, and even with the throttle fully open, there are no sudden bursts of acceleration. Its top speed of 45mph suggests that it’s best suited for urban streets rather than venturing beyond city limits.

The RM1 offers three power modes, each indicated by a number on the digital display within the speedometer. The latter two modes reduce the top speed to 30mph and 20mph, respectively, which helps conserve battery life. Regenerative braking technology, which allows energy to be replenished when coasting, is not present in the RM1.

One notable feature of the RM1 is its near-silent operation. This can take other road users by surprise if they are not aware of your presence. To address this concern, Maeving has incorporated a super-bright LED headlight that remains illuminated at all times, ensuring that you remain visible to others. Additionally, the bar end-mounted mirrors can be adjusted to provide a clear view of the road behind, rather than just a glimpse of your own elbows.

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When cornering, the RM1 offers a more stable experience compared to scooters, thanks to its large-diameter wheels. Equipped with Dunlop tires, it delivers excellent grip, while the rear suspension can be adjusted to accommodate riders of different weights. The suspension itself is slightly firm but not uncomfortably so. The addition of the second battery, which increases the bike’s weight by 12kg, subtly alters the bike’s center of gravity, making it feel slightly more top-heavy. Nonetheless, the bike remains stable and balanced.

During our tests, we rode the Maeving RM1 with both single and twin battery configurations, and we strongly recommend opting for the second battery. Although this eliminates all storage options on the bike (although Maeving plans to offer fabric panniers as an optional accessory), the increased range provides greater peace of mind. In single battery mode, the percentage indicator on the dashboard drops quite rapidly, which can be disconcerting. With both batteries fully charged, we achieved an approximate range of 80 miles, which aligns with Maeving’s quoted range.

Maeving Brand


So, what’s the story behind the Maeving name? Although it may sound like a Chinese brand, Maeving is actually a British company established in 2018. The name “Maeving” is derived from the word “maven,” which means an expert. The Maeving team consists of engineers and technicians with extensive experience in the British motorcycle industry. The RM1 is assembled at a factory in Coventry, and the company has adopted a direct sales approach to reduce overhead costs. Furthermore, Maeving has set up temporary pop-up shops across the country to promote the RM1.

If you’re wondering about the licensing requirements to ride a Maeving RM1, the process is relatively straightforward. If you already possess a valid driving license, you need to complete a day’s Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), which typically costs around £150. Once completed, you can ride the RM1, but you must display ‘L’ plates. For riders aged 16, the RM1 can only be ridden if it has a maximum speed of 28mph. Riders must retake their CBT after two years to maintain its validity. Alternatively, you have the option of obtaining a full motorcycle license, but it is currently not possible to take the test on an RM1.

Here are the key specifications of the Maeving RM1:

  • Model: Maeving RM1
  • Price: £5,995 (£6,990 as tested with the 2nd battery)
  • Powertrain: In-wheel electric motor, 2x 57.4v battery
  • Power/Torque: 4bhp/160Nm
  • Transmission: Single-speed automatic
  • Top Speed: 44mph
  • Range: 85 miles (with 2x battery model)
  • Availability: Currently available for purchase
Maeving RM1 Specifications


In conclusion, the Maeving RM1 represents a remarkable breakthrough in the world of technology and robotics, offering a glimpse into the future of human-robot interaction. This groundbreaking creation has revolutionized the way we perceive and interact with robots, with its advanced capabilities and cutting-edge features.

The Maeving RM1’s seamless integration of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and state-of-the-art sensors has enabled it to surpass the limitations of traditional robots, paving the way for a new era of robotics. Its ability to adapt to dynamic environments, learn from interactions, and respond intelligently to human commands has elevated the concept of robotics to unprecedented heights.

Furthermore, the Maeving RM1’s sleek design and intuitive interface make it accessible to users of all ages and backgrounds, making it a versatile companion for various industries and applications. Its potential in healthcare, education, manufacturing, and even personal assistance is truly astounding.

The article has highlighted the key features and functionalities of the Maeving RM1, showcasing its superior performance and the impact it can have on various sectors. With its enhanced dexterity, precision, and versatility, this robotic marvel has the potential to revolutionize industries and improve the quality of human life.

However, as with any groundbreaking technology, challenges and ethical considerations need to be addressed. The responsible and ethical use of the Maeving RM1, ensuring data privacy, and mitigating any potential risks are important aspects to be mindful of as we embrace this futuristic innovation.

Overall, the Maeving RM1 has undoubtedly set a new benchmark for robotics, pushing the boundaries of what was once deemed impossible. Its seamless integration of advanced technologies, its adaptability, and its potential to transform industries make it a true breakthrough of the future. As we witness the evolution of robotics, the Maeving RM1 stands tall as a testament to human ingenuity and innovation, heralding a new era of possibilities in the realm of technology and beyond.

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