Rev Up Your Ride with the Ultimate Motorcycle Rucksacks of 2023

Rev Up Your Ride with the Ultimate Motorcycle Rucksacks of 2023

Hey there, fellow bikers! Ever found yourself in a fix when you need to carry some gear on your two-wheeled beauty? Well, fret not, because I’ve got just the thing for you – motorcycle rucksacks! These trusty companions are the way to roll when it comes to hauling your stuff while hitting the open road. And believe me, there’s a whole world of these bad boys out there, ranging from wallet-friendly to luxury-level.

Picture this: you’re cruising down the highway, wind in your hair, and the horizon stretching out before you. But wait, you need your essentials – a laptop, maybe some tools, and of course, a change of clothes. That’s where these rucksacks step in, and let me tell you, they’re not your average backpacks. They’re tailored for the open road, designed to stay snug on your back, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Soft or Hardshell: Your Motorcycle Sidekick

When it comes to motorcycle rucksacks, you’ve got two main contenders: the softies and the hardshells. Soft rucksacks offer flexibility and comfort, molding to your body as you navigate those twists and turns. On the other hand, hardshell rucksacks bring that extra protection, keeping your gear safe and sound even if you face the occasional downpour. And speaking of rain, some of these packs come with waterproof magic that’ll make you wonder if they’re secretly made by wizards.


The Top Dogs in the Rucksack Race

So, who’s leading the pack in the world of motorcycle rucksacks this year? Let’s dive into some of the hottest contenders:

1. RST Rucksack – Your Perfect Riding Companion

Price: £49.99

I’ve gotta give a hat-tip to RST for creating a rucksack that’s basically your sidekick on the road. This little wonder packs a punch with a 42.5-liter capacity, and trust me, that’s more room than you think. It’s got your laptop covered, with a pocket just for it, and a trio of smaller zipped pockets for your odds and ends. But the real charm lies in its fit – those adjustable chest and waist straps make it feel like a custom-made suit. Plus, the breathable back protection is like a cool breeze on a hot day. Gareth Evans put this bad boy through the wringer, and it came out victorious. Quality? 5/5. Value? You bet, 5/5.

RST Rucksack - Top 10 Motorcycle Rucksacks
RST Rucksack – Top 10 Motorcycle Rucksacks

2. JDC 24 litre – Amazon’s Pick and Riders’ Delight

Price: £42.99

Amazon knows its stuff, and they’ve got a soft spot for the JDC 24 litre rucksack – and so do I. This one’s a roomy beast, expanding from 24 to 36 liters if you ever feel like carrying the kitchen sink. With a waterproof lining and rugged build, it’s got your laptop and crash helmet covered. Oh, and those shoulder straps? They won’t play the parting game, thanks to the chest strap. And if you’re a pocket fanatic like me, you’ll love those waist belt pockets. Versatility and durability? Check and check.

Top 10 Motorcycle Rucksacks
JDC 24 litre – Top 10 Motorcycle Rucksacks

3. QBag Waterproof Backpack 15 – Budget-Friendly Wonder

Price: £21.99

Hold on to your helmets, folks, ’cause this one’s a steal. For less than the cost of a tank of petrol, the QBag Waterproof Backpack 15 has got your back – and everything else. Think of it as a trusty dry bag, ready to take on the elements. It’s got a no-nonsense 30-liter capacity, perfect for your office garb, gym clothes, and even a laptop. Justin Hayzelden gave this budget hero a thumbs-up after 2 months and 1,000 miles, and I can’t argue with that. Quality? 5/5. Value? Off the charts at 5/5.

Top 10 Motorcycle Rucksacks
QBag Waterproof Backpack 15 – Top 10 Motorcycle Rucksacks

4. Alpinestars Sealed Sport Pack – High-Quality Rider’s Choice

Price: £129.89

Alpinestars isn’t messing around with their Sealed Sport Pack. Ali Silcox put this one through its paces for a whopping 18 months and 2,500 miles, and it held its ground like a champ. This 23-liter beast is all about practicality and comfort, with a dedicated laptop section, waterproof outer pocket, and more straps than you can shake a stick at. Plus, it’s got the seal of approval for quality, scoring a solid 5/5 in that department. Value-wise, it’s a bit on the pricier side, but hey, top-notch gear often comes with a price tag.

Top 10 Motorcycle Rucksacks
Alpinestars Sealed Sport PackTop 10 Motorcycle Rucksacks

5. Oxford Heritage 30 Litre Backpack – Style Meets Functionality

Price: £72.74 (was £99.99)

Who says a rucksack can’t be stylish? The Oxford Heritage 30 Litre Backpack proves that function and fashion can coexist. With padded shoulder straps that hug you just right, this bag is a true comfort to wear. Gareth Evans gave it a spin over a year and 3,000 miles, and it didn’t disappoint. This bag’s got more pockets than you can shake a stick at – from laptop holders to external zipped pockets. The rolltop closing adds a touch of adventure, though I have a bone to pick with those metal buckles. Still, it’s a reliable companion for your journeys.

Top 10 Motorcycle Rucksacks
Oxford Heritage 30 Litre BackpackTop 10 Motorcycle Rucksacks

6. Lomo Dry-bag – Affordable Waterproof Wonder

Price: £32.00

Okay, so the Lomo Dry-bag may look basic, but don’t let that fool you. This bargain beauty is a waterproof wonder, snagging a Best Buy award from RiDE not once, but twice. Made from tough PVC tarpaulin, it’s built to keep your gear bone dry. It’s not loaded with compartments, but its 30-liter capacity means you’ve got room to spare. And hey, if you’re all about no-frills reliability, this one’s got your back.

Top 10 Motorcycle Rucksacks
Lomo Dry-bagTop 10 Motorcycle Rucksacks

7. Kriega R30 – Quality Comes at a Price

Price: £199.00

When it comes to quality, Kriega doesn’t mess around. The Kriega R30 is proof of that, with its nylon and Cordura construction that’s made to last. Taped-seam waterproof liner? Check. Roll-top closure? You bet. But the real gem is the Quadloc harness system – it takes the weight off your shoulders and puts it where it belongs. Two external pockets round out this premium package.

Top 10 Motorcycle Rucksacks
Kriega R30Top 10 Motorcycle Rucksacks

8. Oxford Aqua B25 – Retro Vibes and Waterproofing

Oxford’s Aqua B25 is a prime example of style meeting function. With its retro vibe and PVC tarpaulin build, it’s ready to tackle whatever the road throws at it. The roll-top closure keeps things snug, and there’s even room for a tail light. And let’s not forget those nifty mesh pockets – perfect for stashing gloves or small essentials.

Top 10 Motorcycle Rucksacks
Oxford Aqua B25Top 10 Motorcycle Rucksacks

9. SW-Motech Baracuda – Waterproof and Rugged

Price: £77.95

SW-Motech knows how to make a rugged rucksack that doesn’t back down. The SW-Motech Baracuda boasts PVC tarpaulin prowess, a waterproof zip, and a roll-top closure that means business. Padded interior? You got it. Laptop compartment? Of course. This bag is all about keeping your gear safe and your ride smooth.

Top 10 Motorcycle Rucksacks
SW-Motech BaracudaTop 10 Motorcycle Rucksacks

10. Kriega Urban Shoulder Bag – Style and Versatility

The Kriega Urban Shoulder Bag is the ultimate fusion of style and versatility. With its sleek design and waterproof build, it’s a winner in the looks and function department. And don’t let the 16-liter capacity fool you – it’s got space for your essentials. If you’re the type who always wants more, you can even add extra drypacks for those longer journeys.

Top 10 Motorcycle Rucksacks
Kriega Urban Shoulder Bag – Top 10 Motorcycle Rucksacks


Choosing the Perfect Rucksack: Your Checklist

Before you rev up and hit the road with your new rucksack, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here’s your quick checklist:

1. Back Comfort: Look for designs that give your back room to breathe – a happy back means a happy ride.

2. Strap Up: Pay attention to the shoulder straps. If you’re built like a tank, make sure they won’t splay.

3. Compartments Galore: Need to keep things organized? Look for rucksacks with compartments, especially if you’re hauling a laptop or other goodies.

4. Size Matters: Consider how much space you need. A weekend warrior might need around 25 liters, but you do you.

5. Rain-Proof: Weather can be unpredictable, so make sure your rucksack can handle rain and splashes. Waterproof closures and zips are a must.

6. Mount It Up: Planning to attach your rucksack to your bike? Check if there are mounting straps available.

7. Helmet Woes: If you want to carry a helmet, look for rucksacks with expandable sections. Just be ready for a bit of awkwardness.

And there you have it, my fellow riders – the lowdown on the best motorcycle rucksacks of 2023. Whether you’re a seasoned biker or just getting started, these trusty sidekicks will have your back (literally). So, gear up, hit the road, and enjoy the ride – with all your essentials snug and secure. Safe travels, and keep the rubber side down!


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