Explore the Best Motorcycle Heated Grips for 2023

Best Motorcycle Heated Grips for 2023

Explore the Best Motorcycle Heated Grips for 2023

Contrary to common belief, heated grips are not just reserved for riding in the depths of winter. While they certainly provide essential warmth in freezing temperatures, their utility extends to spring, autumn, and even the height of summer. Let’s delve into the reasons behind the popularity of heated grips and explore the top options available in 2023 of A2Motorcycle.com!.

Understanding the Benefits of Heated Grips

Best Motorcycle Heated Grips for 2023
Best Motorcycle Heated Grips for 2023

Heated grips offer a multitude of advantages, especially during chilly early morning or late evening rides – times that many avid motorcyclists consider ideal for hitting the road. Although thin, summer riding gloves provide excellent control and airflow, they can leave hands feeling uncomfortably cold as the temperatures fluctuate during the ride. This is where heated grips come into play.

By emanating a gentle warmth against the palms and within the fingers, heated grips effectively counteract the discomfort of cold hands. Beyond comfort, they significantly enhance both the pleasure and safety of your riding experience.


The Value of Heated Grips in Different Seasons

While many motorcycle manufacturers offer heated grips as an optional feature when purchasing new bikes, these additions tend to be costly. Moreover, older bike models may lack this feature altogether. In such cases, aftermarket heated grips present a convenient and efficient solution for riders seeking relief from chilly hands, not only during early summer rides but also throughout the winter months.

Gearing Up with Gore-Tex Considerations

It’s important to note that Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable membranes function based on heat transfer principles. This means that moisture, typically generated as sweat, moves from the warmer side (inside the glove) to the cooler side (outside). However, if you opt for heated grips while riding in wet conditions with Gore-Tex gloves, the heat dynamics change. The outside of the glove becomes hotter, causing water to flow in the opposite direction, potentially leading to damp hands.

Unveiling the Top Motorcycle Heated Grips for 2023

Oxford Hotgrips Premium Sports

Price: £56.99

Best Motorcycle Heated Grips for 2023
Oxford Hotgrips Premium Sports

Combining excellent value and effectiveness, the Oxford Hotgrips Premium Sports are a prime choice. These grips, initially 123mm in length, can be customized to fit as short as 114mm. Their reliable performance is ensured through necessary hardwiring and a dependable heat controller. Notably, the diamond tread enhances their appeal.

Universal Replacement Grips

Price: £19.86

Universal Replacement Grips Best Motorcycle Heated Grips for 2023

Offering a streamlined and integrated solution, Universal Replacement Grips eliminate the need for wraparound sleeves. While installation requires removing existing grips, these versatile grips, designed for 22mm diameter bars, connect directly to the battery via a two-position switch on the left-hand grip. The manufacturer’s specifications indicate power draw ranging between 10 Watts and 15 Watts, resulting in temperature ranges of 50°C and 70°C.

Oxford Hotgrips Advanced

Price: £48.94 (was £89.99)

Oxford Hotgrips AdvancedBest Motorcycle Heated Grips for 2023

Oxford caters to various bike styles, including sports, tourers, adventurers, and cruisers. The Oxford Hotgrips Advanced, inspired by race grips, offer exceptional grip and feedback. Equipped with an intelligent heat controller and nine heat settings, these grips enhance user experience. Their adaptable length of 123mm can be trimmed to 114mm as needed.

R&G Motorcycle Heated Grips

Price: £39.99

R&G Motorcycle Heated GripsBest Motorcycle Heated Grips for 2023

Specifically designed for 22mm handlebars, the R&G Motorcycle Heated Grips provide a rapid heating experience. Within two minutes, they reach a temperature of 35°C, and the highest of the five heat settings reaches 60°C. The package includes necessary wiring and hardware, although additional glue may be required for installation onto the bars.


Ultimateaddons Integrated

Price: £109.99

Ultimateaddons IntegratedBest Motorcycle Heated Grips for 2023

Ultimateaddons’ Integrated Replacement Grips offer a sleek design featuring an integrated activation and heat-setting switch within the left-hand grip. With diameters of 22mm and options of 120mm or 130mm lengths, these grips cater to various bike models. Directly connected to the bike, preferably an ignition-switched live, they feature a low-battery warning, five heat settings, and the ability to retain the last setting upon powering on.

BikeTek Premium Heated Grips

Price: £36.99 (was £59.99)

BikeTek Premium Heated GripsBest Motorcycle Heated Grips for 2023

Engineered for 22mm handlebars, BikeTek Premium Heated Grips boast a soft rubber exterior and a four-setting heat control via a push-button control panel. Even when wearing thick winter gloves, the control panel’s large buttons remain user-friendly. These grips come with bar-end plugs and connect either to the bike’s battery or a switched live.

Bike-It Adjustable

Price: £59.99

Bike-It AdjustableBest Motorcycle Heated Grips for 2023

Bike-It’s own-brand replacement grips stand out with an adjustable heat controller, allowing precise temperature adjustments via a thumbwheel. This feature ensures optimal heating in varying conditions. Operating with a maximum temperature of 40°C on the highest setting, these grips provide versatility and comfort.


As motorcycle enthusiasts gear up for diverse riding conditions, heated grips emerge as a valuable accessory. Beyond wintertime use, their advantages extend to enhancing riding enjoyment and safety throughout the year. The selection of top motorcycle heated grips for 2023 offers riders a range of options to suit their preferences and requirements.

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