Decent One Max Electric Scooter Review

Decent One Max Electric Scooter Review

In the dynamic world of electric scooters, the Decent One Max emerges as a standout contender, combining performance, convenience, and reliability. This comprehensive review aims to dissect every facet of this robust electric scooter, providing a detailed overview of its features, specifications, and performance.

Key Features and Specifications

Decent One Max Electric Scooter Review
Decent One Max Electric Scooter Review

Detachable Battery for Extended Journeys

One of the defining features of the Decent One Max is its detachable 36V 360Whr battery. This power-packed battery not only provides a commendable 24-mile range but also offers the option to enhance it further with an additional battery pack. This versatility ensures that riders have the freedom to embark on extensive journeys without worrying about battery life.


Robust Motor and Supple Ride Quality

Beneath its unassuming exterior lies a formidable 350W motor, perfectly complemented by 10-inch pneumatic tires. This combination guarantees a smooth and comfortable ride, even on uneven terrains. The scooter’s IP54 weather-resistance rating provides an extra layer of assurance, making it a reliable companion in various weather conditions. Furthermore, at a mere 15kg, it stands as a lightweight contender within its category, ensuring easy maneuverability.

Cruise Control: A Game-Changing Feature

The inclusion of cruise control sets the Decent One Max apart in terms of user convenience. This feature enables riders to maintain a consistent speed without the need for constant throttle manipulation. However, it’s important to note that the absence of smartphone integration means users won’t be able to unlock additional functionalities typically associated with app-enabled scooters.

Legal Considerations for UK Riders

Decent One Max Electric Scooter Review
Decent One Max Electric Scooter Review

Before embarking on the road with the Decent One Max, it’s crucial to be aware of its legal classification. In the UK, electric scooters fall under the category of Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEVs) and are only permitted on private property with the landowner’s consent.

Price and Market Competition

Priced competitively at £449 through John Lewis, the Decent One Max presents an enticing option for riders seeking a balance between affordability and performance. For a slightly higher investment, the Xiaomi Pro 2 offers an extended range of 28 miles and seamless smartphone connectivity. On the other hand, the Pure Air scooter, also priced at £449, boasts a more potent 500W motor, comprehensive app integration, and an elevated maximum rider weight capacity.

Setup and Design: User-Focused Experience

Decent One Max Electric Scooter Review
Decent One Max Electric Scooter Review

Setting up the Decent One Max is an intuitive process. Once unfolded, securing the steering stem is a straightforward task. The sleek matte black finish exudes sophistication, appealing to a wide spectrum of riders. Notably, the battery’s placement on the chunky stem, though slightly conspicuous, proves to be a strategic design choice. This configuration allows for swift battery replacement and provides added protection compared to scooters with a base plate-mounted battery. A complete charge cycle typically spans five to six hours.

Riding Modes and Cruise Control Dynamics

Decent One Max Electric Scooter Review
Decent One Max Electric Scooter Review

The Decent One Max offers three distinct riding modes tailored to varying preferences and skill levels. The Beginner mode sets a maximum speed of 6mph, ensuring a controlled and steady ride. Transitioning to Normal mode (limited to 9mph) and Sports mode (capable of speeds up to 15.5mph) provides riders with a range of exhilarating experiences.

Comfort and Performance: A Journey of Excellence

The Decent One Max excels in delivering a comfortable and controlled ride. Its 10-inch pneumatic tires adeptly absorb shocks and imperfections on the road, ensuring a smooth journey regardless of the terrain. For novice riders, the Beginner mode offers a gentle introduction, gradually building confidence. As proficiency grows, switching to Normal or Sports modes unveils the scooter’s full potential.

Battery Life and Range Realities

During rigorous testing, the battery exhibited commendable stamina. A seven-mile journey in Sports mode left the battery with two out of five blocks of charge remaining. It’s crucial to acknowledge that actual range may fluctuate based on factors such as rider weight, terrain characteristics, and selected riding mode. Consequently, riders should anticipate the need for recharging sooner than the maximum range specification suggests.

Decent One Max Electric Scooter Review
Decent One Max Electric Scooter Review

Portability and Handling Dynamics

While the Decent One Max triumphs in performance, its battery placement warrants consideration. Unlike some counterparts, where the battery is concealed beneath the footplate, the Decent One Max features an exposed stem-mounted battery. This design quirk, while contributing to its slightly larger appearance, impacts portability. Gripping the stem for carrying purposes may prove somewhat unwieldy. On the flip side, this configuration allows for the potential addition of a second battery, ensuring extended range for the prepared rider.


Final Verdict: A Pragmatic Choice

In summary, the Decent One Max earns its reputation as a “no-nonsense scooter.” By prioritizing functionality and reliability, it offers a comfortable ride coupled with an impressive range. The standout features, including cruise control and a detachable battery, cater to riders seeking extended journeys without the hassle of frequent recharging. While it stands as a strong contender, individual preferences and specific usage scenarios will ultimately dictate the ideal choice. For those valuing app integration, a potent motor, and a higher load capacity, the Pure Air emerges as a compelling alternative, despite its slightly reduced range.

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