Alpinestars Supertech Gloves Review: Elevating Motorcycle Gear Performance

Alpinestars Supertech Gloves Review

Alpinestars Supertech Gloves Review: Elevating Motorcycle Gear Performance

In the realm of motorsport, triumphs on the track serve as crucibles for enhancing the quality of everyday riding gear. The amalgamation of high-performance technology from racing scenarios with road-centric products culminates in an exceptional fusion of form and function. Such is the case with Alpinestars Supertech gloves, meticulously developed from their MotoGP racing lineage to deliver an unparalleled level of protection for both road and circuit riders.

Alpinestars Supertech Gloves Review
Alpinestars Supertech Gloves Review

Unveiling Alpinestars Supertech: A Triumph of Innovation

The Alpinestars Supertech gloves represent a seamless confluence of innovation and experience. The gloves, hewn from a blend of premium kangaroo and cow-hide leather, are further fortified by the strategic integration of Keprotech panels. This thoughtful amalgamation results in remarkable impact and abrasion resistance, validated by their impressive CE rating of 2 KP. The gloves’ triumphant fitment includes integrated knuckle protection, emblematic of their unwavering commitment to safeguarding riders.

A Shield of Unrivaled Excellence

Within the ambit of stringent criteria encompassing abrasion resistance, cut resistance, and hand retention, Alpinestars Supertech gloves emerge as exemplars of uncompromising protection. Their ergonomic design caters to optimal safeguarding while maintaining a superior connection to the motorcycle controls. The snugness, reminiscent of a second skin, orchestrates a symbiotic relationship between the rider’s hands and the bike’s dynamics, ensuring enhanced maneuverability and control.

Alpinestars Supertech Gloves Review
Alpinestars Supertech Gloves Review

Perfect Harmony of Form and Function

Elevating the concept of mobility, the Supertech gloves integrate ingenious flex panels across each finger, including the thumb, coupled with an expansive elasticated wrist panel. This strategic configuration facilitates unencumbered wrist articulation, granting riders unhindered control over their machine. Perforations thoughtfully placed across the gloves channel cooling airflow, ensuring hands remain comfortable even during sweltering rides. The gloves’ structural prowess is accentuated by exhaust vents on the knuckle armor, enabling the seamless expulsion of warm air.


Fortifications that Transcend Expectations

The gloves’ zenith of protection is epitomized by the robust hard-plastic knuckle armor, bolstered by supplementary layers of Kevlar-reinforced material. Keprotech panels, an innovation rooted in racing, are judiciously integrated into the gloves’ design, fostering augmented abrasion resistance and fall resilience. These panels are strategically placed, including the palm’s heel, scaphoid bone, palm’s side, thumb base, fingertips, and index finger’s outer edge. Plastic nibs and a protective bridge between the ring and little fingers curtail potential damage in accidents, affirming Alpinestars’ unyielding dedication to safety.

Fusing Comfort and Confidence

Beyond their formidable defense attributes, Alpinestars Supertech gloves are an embodiment of comfort and performance. Crafted from premium materials, these gloves maintain suppleness without sacrificing durability. This judicious balance fosters dexterity, allowing riders to effortlessly engage with the motorcycle controls, helmet shield, and switchgear buttons. The gloves’ exceptional ventilation, marked by deliberate perforations and strategic airflow channels, guarantees a consistently cool and comfortable riding experience.

The Epitome of Protection and Performance

The culmination of engineering finesse, protection, and comfort manifests in the Alpinestars Supertech gloves. Their distinction as the sole CE Level 2 motorcycle gloves in India underscores their unwavering commitment to rider safety. While their initial fitment may present challenges, the gloves gradually adapt, culminating in a snug yet nonrestrictive fit. For track enthusiasts, the Supertech gloves prove indispensable, aligning with the pursuit of faster lap times and unyielding protection. The prospect of their versatility for daily commutes and touring beckons in the horizon, promising to unveil yet another facet of their exceptional performance.

Alpinestars Supertech Gloves
Alpinestars Supertech Gloves

Unveiling the Supertech Dynasty

Aptly reflective of their racing heritage, the Alpinestars Supertech gloves bear a price tag commensurate with their technological prowess. As befitting their exceptional lineage, these gloves are engineered for the track, where every layer of innovation converges to safeguard riders in pursuit of speed and performance. The Supertech gloves, a testament to Alpinestars’ enduring commitment to safety, signify an investment for those seeking unmatched protection and dynamic riding experiences.

Intricately intertwined with MotoGP excellence, the Alpinestars Supertech gloves ascend beyond the mundane, etching a legacy marked by innovation and unyielding protection. As they grace riders’ hands, the gloves embody a testament to the fusion of technology and craftsmanship. While their price point may render them exclusive, the Supertech gloves illuminate the path for those who demand uncompromising protection without relinquishing performance. Their prowess, evident in their construction, features, and performance, heralds a new era of riding gear excellence.


Product Insights

Alpinestars Supertech Gloves Review
Alpinestars Supertech Gloves Review
  • Seller: Dream Sporting Gear
  • Make: Alpinestars
  • Type: Track Riding Gloves
  • Model: Supertech Gloves
  • Price: Rs 40,999

Pros and Cons: A Balanced Perspective


  • Pinnacle of Racing Heritage: Originating from MotoGP racing, the gloves epitomize unparalleled performance.
  • Uncompromising Protection: Infused with Keprotech panels and layered defenses, the gloves safeguard with precision.
  • Seamless Fit: The gloves, akin to a second skin, foster an unparalleled connection with the motorcycle controls.


  • Track-Centric: The gloves’ high-performance focus may render them excessive for everyday road riding.
  • Premium Price: Their technological prowess is reflected in their cost, positioning them at a higher price point.

In essence, the Alpinestars Supertech gloves redefine the standards of motorcycle protection, fusing advanced technology with ergonomic design. From the crucible of MotoGP racing, these gloves emerge as paragons of innovation, ensuring that safety and performance are not mutually exclusive. As they don the hands of riders, the Supertech gloves orchestrate a symphony of form and function, setting the stage for a dynamic and secure riding experience.

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