Restrictable motorcycles for the A2 licence

(Last Updated On: September 21, 2018)

Regulations, licence and restricting

A2 licence holders are restricted to riding bikes under the 48 horsepower (officially 35Kw) power limit. This of course rules out most motorcycles and we are left with limited choices and mostly newer bikes. New riders generally grow out of this category within a season or two, which also means having to swap bikes after even less than a year of using it.
However, the licence also allows restricting bigger, more powerful motorcycles to be used with your learner licence. The rules are simple:
– The final power output of the bike has to be under 35Kw
– The amount of restriction is less than half the original power output
What this means in practice is, bikes under 70Kws (equals 95 horsepower) are restrictable (few exceptions, where the bike is too light, may apply, be sure to check before buying). Later, after completing the full licence, the restrictor kit can be removed and you can enjoy a more powerful bike at no extra cost.
The motorcyles we have collected in this list make for a great second or even first motorcycle. These are some of the best bikes of each class that are eligible for a restriction:


The naked style middleweight motorcycle segment is very well populated, there are a lot of great options (old and new) to choose from. These bikes generally combine great usability, power and ideal fuel efficiency. With more than enough power for everyday commuting or a weekend on twisty hillside roads you really can’t go wrong with these bikes. Here are some of the more recent, more popular models.

Yamaha FZ-07


Yamaha’s middleweight naked, the FZ-07 (also known as MT-07 overseas) is a critically acclaimed, excellent all-rounder with little to no flaws. Powered by a 689cc twin engine making 75 horsepower it is an excellent motorcycle for restricting. So much, that you can pick up a brand new, already restricted one from the dealers.

Kawasaki Z650

Much like the FZ-07 (or most any other 600-700cc naked) the Z650 (formerly known as the ER-6N) is powered by a parallel 2 cylinder engine. The characteristics in power delivery offer a wide band of mid-range power and torque, which makes it easy to play around with.


The sport category is known for being very agile, very quick and generally the highest powered of all motorcycles which, obviously, doesn’t sit well with a power restricting licence. Therefore, the bikes in this category are more sport-touring bikes than pure race or track focused machines.

Kawasaki Ninja 650

Kawasaki’s new middleweight sportbike, the Ninja 650 is the successor to the brand’s popular ER6f series. Some aspects of the bike has been reworked, but it essentially fills the same role in Kawi’s lineup as before; an affordable, sporty all-rounder you can take on the track, road trips and anything in between. The styling has changed, giving the Ninja a much sportier look. The 649cc twin is although slightly reworked, the same reliable construction as before.

Yamaha XJ6S Diversion

Much like the Ninja 650, the XJ6 Diversion fill the same spot of an affordable all-rounder for Yamaha. There is one significant difference between the 2 bikes, that is the Diversion being a 4 cylinder. This affects power delivery and engine characteristics giving the Yamaha less low-end grunt but more power on the top of the RPM range. Aside from that, the same can be said about the 2 bikes, both make great options for a “first big motorcycle”.

Dual Sport

The adventure/touring category can be divided into 2 parts. The 1000-1200cc “full sized” touring bikes, and everything else below that all the way down to 600cc. The restrictable bikes are generally all from the lower end of this spectrum and there is quite a variety to choose from. Some of the best in class are:

Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin 95hp

Honda’s critically acclaimed Africa Twin with its 1000 cc parallel twin engine is just at the lower end of the big tourers. With the 70Kw power output (95 hp) it tops out the restrictable limit. The most impressive feature of the Africa Twin is probably its unmatched (among dual sports) off-road capabilities. This bike is a perfect all-rounder even for riders with more experience, and is almost hard to believe that it fits in the restrictable category as well. Of course this is Honda’s top of the line adventure bike, so expect all the minor extras and attention to every detail that lower-end bikes generally don’t get.

Kawasaki Versys 650

In the 600-700cc range, there are dual sports to choose from. Generally, these motorcycles are smaller not only in engine size, but seat height and other dimensions as well. For shorter or less experienced riders bikes like the Versys 650 offer a nice alternative to the 800-1000cc bikes. Despite being a lower size and price category, Kawasaki equipped it with all the necessary features for city riding or a trip across Europe.

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