Choosing the Right Motorcycle Tie Down

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2018)

You’re getting ready for your big trip, and you’re planning on trailering your motorcycle. What type of tie down should you use?
There are many different tie downs on the market today. There not all as good as the other.

When it comes to the safety of your motorcycle you definitely don’t want to cheap out. You are going to want to get ratcheting tie down straps for your motorcycle.

They have tie downs on the market that will lock in place. You simply pull the strap through the locking mechanism and you’re done. While this kind of tie down is great for just holding a tarp down with other items in the back of a pickup truck, or your trailer I would stay clear of using them for your motorcycle.

For your motor cycle you want at least four heavy duty ratcheting style tie downs. The reason you want the heavier strap is so you don’t have to worry about it breaking. The reason for the ratcheting style is that the motorcycle will bounce. With the shocks on the cycle it can loosen the straps.

When tying down your motorcycle you want to attach the straps to areas of the frame. Even with doing this the motorcycle can loosen straps from bouncing. The only part of a motorcycle that is being trailered that is touching the trailer or back of the pickup is the tires. The tires are connected to the suspension and are designed to travel.

Using four tie downs you use two on the front and two on the back. One tie down on each of the four corners of the motorcycle with the heavy duty ratcheting style you can take the travel out of the suspension. If you don’t as you are traveling the bounces the motorcycle takes can loosen the straps. If the straps loosen your motorcycle can at the very least fall over in the bed of the truck or trailer.

If the motorcycle falls over you are sure to receive damage to both the truck or trailer and the motorcycle. That is the very least that can happen. If the straps let go the motorcycle can fall off the truck or trailer and be drug down the road.

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